Albert ellis essay

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Albert ellis essay

The idea that our beliefs upset us was first articulated by Epictetus around 2, years ago: We want to be happy whether we are alone or with others; we want to get along with others—especially with one or two close friends; we want to be well informed and educated; we want a good job with good pay; and we want to enjoy our leisure time.

Of course life doesn't always allow us to have what we want; our goal of being happy is often thwarted by the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. To illustrate this, Dr. Ellis developed a simple ABC format to teach people how their beliefs cause their emotional and behavioral responses: You have a belief about the situation.

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You have an emotional reaction to the belief. Your employer falsely accuses you of taking money from her purse and threatens to fire you. If you had held a different belief, your emotional response would have been different: That would be unbearable.

It is B that causes C. In the first example, it is not your employer's false accusation and threat that make you angry; it is your belief that she has no right to accuse you, and that she is a bitch. In the second example, it is not her accusation and threat that make you anxious; it is the belief that you must not lose your job, and that losing your job would be unbearable.

The Three Basic Musts Although we all express ourselves differently, according to Albert Ellis and REBT, the beliefs that upset us are all variations of three common irrational beliefs.

Each of the three common irrational beliefs contains a demand, either about ourselves, other people, or the world in general. These beliefs are known as " The Three Basic Musts.

Other people must treat me considerately, fairly and kindly, and in exactly the way I want them to treat me.

Albert Ellis: Accepting Men as They Are | Essay Example

If they don't, they are no good and they deserve to be condemned and punished. I must get what I want, when I want it; and I must not get what I don't want.

It's terrible if I don't get what I want, and I can't stand it. The first belief often leads to anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt. The second belief often leads to rage, passive-aggression and acts of violence.

Albert Ellis: Accepting Men as They Are | Essay Example

The third belief often leads to self-pity and procrastination. It is the demanding nature of the beliefs that causes the problem. Less demanding, more flexible beliefs lead to healthy emotions and helpful behaviors Disputing The goal of REBT is to help people change their irrational beliefs into rational beliefs.

Changing beliefs is the real work of therapy and is achieved by the therapist disputing the client's irrational beliefs. For example, the therapist might ask, "Why must you win everyone's approval?

Insight Albert Ellis and REBT contend that although we all think irrationally from time to time, we can work at eliminating the tendency.Essay on case study of hysteria anna o essay about emilio aguinaldo talambuhay.

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Dr. Albert Ellis became known for setting frontiers in the field of psychology. He questioned many age-old beliefs throughout his career and tried to prove each of them with theories.

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Albert Ellis considers that there are specific symptoms that will show the therapist how the client may view events and situations that bring out unhealthy behaviors or thoughts.

An example of this is a client that is dealing with depression. Essay on Overview of Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis. - History of Theory Cognitive behavior therapy is a relatively young theory in comparison with other theories or approaches available for our use today.

Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Therapy Tracy Asencio Dr. Pam Cingel PSY Theories of Personality 16 April Sigmund Freud and Albert Ellis are widely recognized as two of the most influential psychotherapists of the twentieth century.

Albert ellis essay

This essay will critically evaluate cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic theories regarding self.

Albert Ellis and the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy | Essay Example