Becoming a marihuana user essay

There is a reason for one to wonder how John Doe started using marijuana, however, according to Becker, the use of marijuana is not a genetic issue but rather an influence from the social context. The taste and smell of marijuana might be irritating to John Doe, and this made him to nickname it weed. The first taste seemed to be so unpleasant that Joe swore never to use it again. However, his friends are enjoying the same stuff claiming that it tastes and also smells good.

Becoming a marihuana user essay

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Becoming a Marihuana User Question 1 Marihuana is considered as an illegal drug in many countries across the world. In such countries, its users are treated as lawbreakers, hence, referred to as deviants. The deviant career is a process.

In the article, Becoming a Marihuana User, Becker was among the pioneers to analyze drug careers as a social process Becker described three prerequisites in the process of becoming a marijuana smoker.

Becoming a marihuana user essay

First is learning to smoke cannabis in the right way. Second is learning to sense and feel the effects of using marihuana, and finally learning to enjoy these effects. The argument brought forward by Becker was that the motivation to engage in marijuana smoking does not necessarily precede experimentation with cannabis, but follows from a subculture learning process where the individual is socialized into certain behaviors and states of mind Becker In this process, marijuana smokers not only learn how to enjoy the drug but also to regard cannabis use as morally acceptable.

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In the first stage, the beginner is preceded by a process where they develop willingness to experiment with marihuana. Many of the novices drug users do not need others to instruct them about how to enjoy the effects of smoking marihuana. After a certain period, the novice user can get high each time they use marihuana.

Hence, the user will use the drug continuously so feel the pleasure. In each subsequent use of marihuana, the user will obtain the needed effects, which bring to him the experience of new sensations brought forth by the drug.

In order to ensure consumption of the drug remain active, users must clearly learn how to perceive its effects when they occur and how to use the drug to have effects.

Becoming a marihuana user essay

Through this, marihuana gains value for the user of a substance that can be used for stimulation and pleasure.

Question 2 Redefinition takes place due to the interaction with more experienced marijuana users who, in various ways, show the novice users how to get the pleasure from the act that was so frightening at first experience.

Expert smokers may reassure novice users about the temporary aspect of the unpleasant sensations, which will reduce their seriousness and at the same time creating higher chances for more amusement.

Later after a novice smoker learns properly the correct smoking technique, he may not feel the effect of drug immediately. Thus, he may not form a clear mental image of the drug beingable to create pleasure after use.

A person will only learn to use marijuana for pleasure only after a successful completion of learning how to conceive the drug as a substance that is capable of giving pleasure. With growing experience, the user learns to appreciate the effects of drug of making one to feel highly.

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Users take regular checks, trying to obtain new effects while still ensuring the initial feelings are retained. From this experience, they develop various sets of feelings from the drug whose presence enables the user to feel the pleasure with ease.All papers are delivered far before the specified deadline We have a balance of good prices and good quality custom writing Money-back guarantee is very effective in our company.

BECOMING A MARIHUANA USER tion. Most users agree that it cannot be smoked like tobacco if one is to get high: Take in a lot of air, you know, and I don't know how to describe it, you don't smoke it like a cigarette, you draw in a lot of air and.

Custom Becoming a Marijuana User essay paper writing service Buy Becoming a Marijuana User essay paper online According to media surveys that indicates the acceptance and use of marijuana at an all-time high; Howard Becker’s article on becoming a marijuana user has played a vital role in assisting the readers to understand dynamics in social psychology that promotes the possibility of this development .

The social psychological antecedents of entry into three sequential stages of adolescent drug use, hard liquor, marihuana, and other illicit drugs, are examined in a cohort of high school students in which the population at risk for initiation into each stage could be clearly specified.

Becker s classic essay "Becoming a Marihuana User "still sparkles with insight all these years after its original publication.

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The idea that one has to "learn"to be high on cannabis, that the highs users report are not intrinsic and automatic effects of the drug, was completely novel.

Jun 14,  · I found Howard S. Becker’s article “Becoming a Marihuana User” really interesting. Becker was trying to figure out the patterns in people’s behaviors that made smoking marihuana an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

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