Causes solution to naxalism in india

As all our readers must be aware, in one of the deadliest attacks on security forces, Maoists killed 25 Central Reserve Police Force CRPF personnel and injured seven in Sukma district of south Chhattisgarh on 24th April Despite efforts from the government to reduce Maoist violence in the country, Naxal attacks have persisted.

Causes solution to naxalism in india

Naxalism and Terrorism - What and Why? Gyandeep Kaushal Member Level: Wondering about relation in between naxalism, terrorism and development of countries? Read this article for more knowledge.

Causes solution to naxalism in india

There are three types of nations - underdeveloped, developing and developed. Countries like Sumatra fall under underdeveloped category, countries like the US and the China fall under developed and our India falls under developing nation.

From this we have derive a point that India still has some goals to reach.

Naxalism: Meaning, responsible factors and Ideology

It has some missions to be accomplished, in order to advance itself to the developed category. But, to achieve success is not so easy. There are many obstacles which hinder one's speed in the path of success. Similar is the case of India's development scheme.

There are many problems which India faces. Although there are many like economic problem, population problem etc. Not only India but the whole world today is a victim of these things, but India has proved herself to be an exception. I am sure that till now, it was not a very clear one.

NAXALISM - ITS GROWTH AND IMPACT ON INDIA | Naxalism Rehashed It is difficult for the common man to comprehend the direction India is heading.
India's Naxal Problem – Part 1 - IAS GS The term Naxalism derives its name from the village Naxalbari of West Bengal. It is originated as rebellion against local landlords who bashed a peasant over a land dispute.
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Let me now talk about those two things which are really very big hindrances in the path of India's success. They are Naxalism and Terrorism.

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Terrorism basically means non-legitimate operations which are violent in nature and are made to kill others. Even naxalism is the same thing but what creates a difference is their positions in the nation.

It is just like the external and internal type of thing. Terrorism is the violent and ill-legitimate thing which terrorizes the nation from outside and naxalism is something which engulfs the country from the inside.

Today, we are no more safe as in every part of India, we are threatened, directly or indirectly and the value of our lives seems to be less in front of the political India.

Decades ago, we used to think that maybe terrorists can attack from outside. But today, day has changed brother. We are no more safe with that mentality. Today every son fears to let his father go outside in the suburbs during the night time.

No one knows, we can die just the next second.Naxalism and terrorism are something about which we fear to talk about even.

The real solution for Naxalism

It is only and only we who can change the time. Without saying much I would say that if we wish to change the times, we need to see a change in ourselves because change causes change.

July Far Reaching Consequences of the Naxalite Problem in India Understanding the Maoist Problem by Shrey Verma. Root cause of Naxalite problem remains in ill treatment meted out to tribals of India in post independent India. 15% of land in India was occupied by tribal people and during pre independence period British Raj did not intervene in their affairs.

India has numerous law enforcement agencies most of which, according to the nature of the constitution of India, are subject to state. Therefore, the major policing lies in the hands of the state. The reason for the expansion of Naxalism in India is the vast exploitation of the poor and the scheduled castes.

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Read the full article. Aug 28,  · Naxalism is a form of Maoist Communism prevalent in the heavily forested areas of mid and South India. In the simplest sense, activities conducted by followers of Naxalism mimic the revolutionary actions of Mao's People's Liberation Army in their fight against the .

Naxalite Violence: Causes and Remedies - Mainstream Weekly