College campus visits

If possible, visit every college that you are strongly considering. No website, guidebook, or testimonial will give you a better feel for a school than you'll get by seeing it for yourself. Many students change their minds after a campus visit.

College campus visits

What to bring to the interview: A list of questions you wish to ask, including: Can I receive college credit for advanced placement courses I take while still in high school? How many freshman courses do graduate students teach? What is the typical class size? Will I be able to earn my degree in four year?

How College campus visits are the dorms?

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Do I get advice from professors on which courses I should take? What are the possibilities of my being accepted? A copy of your unofficial high school transcript. A pen and paper for taking notes. A friendly, outgoing personality. It is important to dress casually during your interview.

There is no need for a suit and tie; however, short pants would not be appropriate. Dress neatly and portray a positive self-image. Items about yourself that you should review with the Admissions Officer during your interview: High school courses you have taken.

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Get the Most Out of Your College Visits | The Princeton Review The college had previously been housed on the third floor of Greenway High School in Coleraine, a community about five miles east of Grand Rapids.

Any activities you participated in during high school. Positions you have held in high school. Outside jobs where you have worked.

College campus visits

The most important part of the interview is honesty. Being honest with the Admissions Officer about who you are and what you have achieved will certainly go along way towards your acceptance.

In fact, if the Admissions Officer suspects you are not being truthful in any way, your chances for acceptance become very slim.

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The discussion with the Financial Aid Officer will allow him or her to at least give you an idea of the possible financial aid package that will be offered by the institution.

This also allows the Financial Aid Officer to become familiar with your particular situation, and make notes to your file. This may prove very beneficial down the road. The meeting with the Financial Aid Officer should be short and to the point. The main purpose of this meeting is to make personal introductions and a favorable first impression.

When it comes to your financial aid package, the Financial Aid Officer will almost always have the final say. He or she will be dealing with thousands of students who he knows by only a name and number. The officer being able to put a face with the name, and hopefully have a favorable impression of you, could make a world of difference when it comes to awarding funding.

Guided Campus Tours Most generally a volunteer or a work-study student will conduct a guided tour. This tour will consist of prospective students and will be a general tour around campus. Common stops in a guided campus tour: Library Dorms Student Center The guided tour is an excellent way to get an over-all perspective of the campus outlay.

If there are particular parts of the campus that are not included in the tour, you may simply ask the guide for directions and they will usually help you in locating it. A guided campus tour usually lasts around an hour.

Please feel free to ask the tour guide any questions that you may have, either during the tour, or after the tour is over.

Self-Guided Campus Tours Even though the guided tour may give you an over-all impression of the campus, you will still need to further investigate aspects of the college on your own. Use your time wisely when exploring the following areas of the campus: How big is the class?

Read over the class syllabus, if available. Can you picture yourself as a part of this class? Are quiet places available for study?

Can you picture yourself there for four years?The college campus visit is an extremely important aspect of the entire college preparation and funding process.

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Campus visits allow you to get a feel for the atmosphere of the school; while, at the same time, make that all-important first impression with both the college’s Admissions Officer . Our underclassmen visits, offered to freshmen and sophomores, include a tour of campus and a meeting with a member of the admission office.

These visits are held on weekdays throughout the year. Welcome to goCAMPUSing America’s Premier College Campus Tour Company. We Work with School Districts, Individual High Schools, Organizations, and Local, State and Federal College Awareness Programs to Develop a Customized College Campus Tour to Fit Your Student Population.

Campus campus visit college admissions High School College visits are an essential part of building your college list. You don’t need to see every college before you apply, but you should see some representative models and then pursue more of those that are like the ones you prefer.

A campus visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of a college. To get a feel for a college, it helps to walk around the quad, sit in on a class and visit the dorms.

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