Evolution of the monroe doctrine essay

Origins, language and historical context of the Monroe Doctrine 3. The Roosevelt Corollary 5.

Evolution of the monroe doctrine essay

Evolution of the monroe doctrine essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access A History Of The Monroe Doctrine Essay Sample During the earlyrecords showed the great interests on the free nations situated in Latin America by European countries in reclaiming lands and expanding their territories by continuously fighting over these Latin American territories.

They have already instituted their own government and claimed their independence, but nations like France and Spain still want to assert their power over those lands. These European countries persists on declaring ownership on these lands by putting up alliances with each other to form a powerful military force that would make their goals of reinstating their control over these territories.

About the time of the Napoleonic Wars in the s, many countries achieved their sovereignty from Spanish rule. The United States was among the nations to know their liberty from Spain. This coalition was intended to preserve their colonies, while Spain asserted its rights over its former colonies in the New World.

Spain is confident that these claims would be possible to achieve with the help of the Holy Alliance. America greatly expressed its immediate concern over these developments. They feared that once these alliances reached their objectives by colonizing their former territories, America believed that they might step into the American soil and also invade their lands.

Another country who did not want Spain to regain its lost territories is the Great Britain. They have established businesses with the free countries then and any attempt to colonize their trade partners would harshly affect their economy.

On the other hand, Russia issued a decree in an attempt to expand its territory in North America. He stated that declarations like these should be challenged by the United States. It was openly accepted by President John Monroe and later would be one of the bases of issuing the Monroe doctrine.

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By that premise, both the British and Americans planned to form a joint declaration to keep the Holy Alliance out of their settlements. The British Foreign Minister, George Canning, sent a letter to the United States stating that England share the same sentiments with America that Spain must not recover their former colonies and have power over them.

They asked the Unites States if a mutual declaration can be made with them. America was at first anxious to respond due to their past engagement with the British during the War of Later, it was initially favored by President Monroe after thorough consultations with former Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who also affirmed the proposal.

Though these two countries share the same goal which is to stop Spain regaining his former colonies, they also have different views in terms of recognizing the former Spain settlements as sovereign states, where America affirmed while Great Britain do not.

The British also made meetings with other countries like France and the latter stated that it would not provide help to Spain regain its past colonies. These further stalled the cooperation between America and Britain.

The Unite States felt that they no longer need the British in realizing their goal with the Polignac Memorandum and a assured support from the British Royal Navy even without the joint declaration.

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With that sense of pride, America junked the proposal several times. On the other hand, even though President Monroe gave a negative answer to the proposal of a joint declaration, Great Britain was still accommodating to America since the British would still gain from the enlarged business from the Latin countries and the sustained trade with the states.

President James Monroe delivered his most famous speech to Congress on the 2nd day of December, where the Monroe doctrine was stated.

The Monroe doctrine was intended primarily to the nations of Russia and Spain.

Evolution of the monroe doctrine essay

The doctrine particularly states that America must think about any attempt by European countries to extend their territory to any part of this world which would be dangerous to the United States harmony and security.

President Monroe clearly stated that the United States would oppose any effort to take control of any sovereign country in the New World. The speech also stated that America did not meddle with the European affairs before and will continue to do the same as long as these European countries would not intrude or pose serious threats in the sovereignty of America.

Defense preparation must be done only when the territorial rights of the United States is endangered. By stating those declarations, America made a solid stand that further asserts its independence and autonomy.

Such authoritative statement must be supported by a show of force by the United States but was still incapable to do so at that time.The Monroe Doctrine: A Case study of the Evolution of the American Foreign Policy By the early s, America was becoming its own country and trying to separate itself from Europe.

A History Of The Monroe Doctrine Essay Sample. During the early , records showed the great interests on the free nations situated in Latin America by European countries in reclaiming lands and expanding their territories by continuously fighting over these Latin American territories.

- Monroe Doctrine The Monroe Doctrine can be considered as the United States first major declaration to the world as a fairly new nation. The Monroe Doctrine was a statement of United States policy on the activity and rights of powers in the Western Hemisphere during the early to mid s.

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Evolution of the Monroe Doctrine Essay Words | 11 Pages The Monroe Doctrine The foreign policy objectives of the United States have changed drastically throughout the nation’s history. The Monroe Doctrine was necessary because it kept the United States free of foreign nations.

The Monroe Doctrine was a policy of the United States initiated on December 2, Monroe Doctrine Essay In in response to the long-anticipated successes of the Spanish-American independence movements, U.S.

president James Monroe announced a hemispheric policy that later came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine.

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