Impact of hurricane katrina

Abstract The purpose of this study was to document changes in mental and physical health among low-income parents exposed to Hurricane Katrina and to explore how hurricane-related stressors and loss relate to post-Katrina well being.

Impact of hurricane katrina

On August 26,both Louisiana and Mississippi activated their emergency response plans and began preparations for evacuations along the coast. Most people evacuated from coastal Mississippi and Louisiana. Many people who did not were unable to for medical reasons or had limited access to transportation.

It is estimate that around 1. Of those remaining, around 10, went to the Superdome shelter before the storm. When the waves and storm surge hit the coastline, the structures along the coast in Mississippi were completely destroyed and further inland experienced catastrophic flooding.

In New Orleans, the combination of surge and waves lead to failure and overtopping of the levee system. Because the city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, and most of the pump stations used to remove rain water from the city were disabled by the storm, the water stayed in the city.

Photo of the flooding in New Orleans following Katrina. Overall, more than 1, people lost their lives as a result of Hurricane Katrina. More than 1, death occurred in Louisiana, around in Mississippi, and 14 in Florida.

Katrina is the third deadliest hurricane in U.

Impact of hurricane katrina

In New Orleans, people were trapped in their houses and on their roofs as the rapidly rising water caught many people by surprise. The flooding and widespread damage from Katrina delayed rescue and aid efforts for days.

Besides the death toll, hurricane Katrina left many people homeless as more thanhousing units were destroyed or damaged in the storm. Katrina is the costliest U. Map of New Orleans showing flooding depths. Maximum depths are above 15 feet. Disclaimer Please address comments and questions to contact hurricanescience.

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Hurricane Katrina moved ashore over southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi early on August 29, , as an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm.

Credit: GOES Project Science Office Hurricane. Perhaps the longest-lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina was its environmental damage that impacted public health.

The Health Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Significant amounts of industrial waste and raw sewage spilled directly into New Orleans neighborhoods, and oil spills from offshore rigs, coastal refineries, and even corner gas.

Overall, more than 1, people lost their lives as a result of Hurricane Katrina. More than 1, death occurred in Louisiana, around in Mississippi, and 14 in Florida. Katrina is .

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The impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina led to one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the history of the United States. In addition to the over 1, fatalities caused by Katrina over. Hurricane Katrina made its second and third landfalls in the Gulf Coast region on August 29, , as a Category 3 hurricane.

On Monday, August 29 area affiliates of local television station WDSU reported New Orleans was experiencing widespread flooding due to breaches of several Army Corps-built levees, was without power, and that there were several instances of catastrophic damage in residential and .

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