Modern technology owes ecology an apology essay

The environmentalists strongly believe that the usage of modern technology has led to the degradation of the environment. However, to the technocrats and scientists, such an assertion is absurd as they feel that modern technology is the only viable mean to solve environmental crisis.

Modern technology owes ecology an apology essay

Roonil Wazlib Priya Ramesh Modern technology been an integral part of the lives of mankind since its birth. It has opened an endless list of possibilities to man, and has push our boundaries to unthinkable levels.

This technology ranges from our hand phones, to the very machines that sustain our economy. To put it in simple terms, technology is machinery built on the basis of scientific knowledge. Environmental problems have seen a rise over the last few years, and technology has taken the blame.

Technology has been told to be the main culprit behind these problems. To put it simply, technology is largely responsible for the environmental problems we face today.

Let us first see the role of technology in aggravating these environmental problems. Technology has been draining our limited pool of natural resources, but we have turned a blind eye to this problem. Technology has brought many useful inventions into this world, such as the computer.

An average computer needs pounds of fossil fuels, 48 pounds of chemicals and 1. That means ,, pounds of fossil fuels, 14,, pounds of chemicals and , tons of water are used solely to make computers per year.

How about the energy needed to run these devices? All these figures add up to an unimaginable number. Have we thought about the environmental impacts this may cause? The depletion of natural resources has been a persistent problem in our world today, and the main reason for this is most definitely the production and use of technology.

Modern Technology and its Environmental Impact

Technology not only depletes natural resources. It has also pushed global warming to extremely high levels, which is beyond what the world can handle. Technology has caused a sharp increase in industrial plants and offices. Industries are powered by computer technology, and this has caused an increase in energy consumption.

Most industries work on a mainframe that works around the clock. To cool these systems, fans are installed within the hard drives. In addition, air-conditioning is a must in the buildings.

Throw in the energy needed to power systems around the office, the energy usage of these industries are constantly on the rise. This results in a very high thermal count, causing adverse effects on the environment. This energy is largely obtained from the burning of fossil fuels, causing greenhouse gasses to be released along with the high levels of heat.

This large amounts of heat and greenhouse gases drive global warming to unforeseen levels. Moreover, with the demand for technology rising, more countries are pushed to industrialization.

But what is industrialization without any space to build industrial plants? To solve this problem, the world turns to forests.Essay topics: Modern Technology owes an apology to the Ecology Submitted by apoorva bhatia on Thu, 10/20/ - We have always talked of our species as the most powerful and the most indomitable of all other species we share the earth with.

In sum, it is not an accusation to assert that modern technology owes ecology an apology when we consider the detrimental effects it can create on our environment .

Modern technology owes ecology an apology essay

May 10,  · Now, Alan M Eddision had said “Modern technology owes ecology an apology”, which roughly translates to “Technology has done more harm than good to the environment”.

Environmental problems have seen a rise over the last few years, and technology has taken the blame. ?Modern technology owes ecology an apology!? This is what some people say when the read the news about haze, deforestation, extinction of flora and fauna and global warming.

They blame modern technology, the materials and ideas developed in the last century to assist humans in their activities, for the deterioration of ecology. Modern technology Owes ecology An apology. One response to “Importance Of Technology Quotes” Quote from Alan M.

Eddison is the best one, yes technology owes ecology an apology, not only technology but we humans, who have invented such harming tech stuff also responsible for this.

To conclude, modern technology does really owe ecology an apology but only regarding the negative effects of it.

The truth is that it is really up to us to keep this 1/5(1).

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