Persuasive flu shot

Next, formaldehyde is added to kill the virus, and small doses of antibiotics are included to prevent any bacterial contamination of the vaccine during the manufacturing process. Thimerosal is added in most flu vaccines as a preservative to prevent any further contamination, and sucrose, polysorbate 80, or gelatin is added to stabilize the vaccine for transportation and storage. Package inserts for Fluarix and Fluvirin even state that they are uncertain as to whether or not your fertility will be affected by the vaccine. Formaldehyde is a powerful chemical used as a disinfectant and preservative in mortuaries and medical labs.

Persuasive flu shot

The toxic and flawed science behind flu vaccines Perhaps I could tolerate the CDC combining pneumonia with flu deaths IF the flu vaccine prevented both. However, the flu vaccine has never been shown to have any impact on the number of deaths from pneumonia. In fact, for the vast majority who receive it, the flu vaccine has little impact on preventing the flu, but I digress.

In the CDC reported that 62, died from influenza and pneumonia. After a painful hour of searching the CDCs database, I found the true numbers: Keep in mind, any death from the flu is tragic, but those numbers are out of a population of over million.

Persuasive flu shot

In the latest year data are available there were 55, deaths due to pneumonia and flu. Flu killed 4, while pneumonia killed the rest. The flu season lasts about six months. If we further divide that number by 50 the number of stateswe can conclude that there were people dying each month in every state from the flu.

I have five practitioners in my office. We have over years of experience in treating patients. None of us can recall a single patient dying from the flu. In fact, I can guarantee you that if 9 people were dying in my state daily from the flu, my partners and I would hear about it.

In fact, there are always headlines on the internet when one person dies from the flu. Studying the past CDC data shows that each year a few hundred to a few thousand die from the flu. To say that 80, died from the flu last year? I say, "Fake News!London hospitals say they will review their policies that require front-line care workers to either get a flu shot or wear a protective mask during flu season in light of a labour arbitrator's.

Persuasive flu shot

Flu Shots For The Elderly Are Ineffective (OMNS, October 23, ) Have the elderly people in your family missed their flu shot? Family members once again said it was a reaction to the flu shot.

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The hospital said it was a low-grade infection, probably a bladder infection. The man died. The most persuasive evidence comes from recent work. Get your flu shot at Walgreens.

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Protect yourself and your family every flu season. The real challenge in the fight against H1N1 will be convincing the general public to get vaccinated despite all the recent focus on long lineups for high-risk groups seeking the shot, Premier.

While the source of the flu news did not make any difference for media influence on ‘the self,’ participants thought that for other people in the U.S., physicians would have a greater persuasive impact than government health officials.”.

For my senior patients, I try to be especially persuasive, since it is seniors who account for the highest number of fatalities from the flu in this country. For those over 65, I recommend the high-dose flu vaccine, because it offers them even greater protection.

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