Sugar cane alley essay

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Sugar cane alley essay

German counter-attacks became bigger and more frequent, making the Anglo-French advance slower and more costly. Dug-outs were caved in, barbed-wire entanglements vaporised and trenches obliterated. Attempts to link shell-hole positions with trenches were abandoned because they were easily visible from the air and artillery-observation crews directed bombardments on them.

When attacks commenced, German infantry usually moved forward from such visible positions and created a forward line of occupied shell-holes but this was often overrun during an attack.

The Germans tried to resort to occasional organised counter-attacks Gegenangriffe on a broad front, to recapture tactically valuable areas but most attempts at such attacks failed, because of a lack of men, artillery and ammunition.

The timing of the new attack was unknown and the relief of exhausted divisions continued. Some German prisoners taken on the III Corps front on 15 September, claimed that they had been warned of land cruisers with thick armour the day before and prisoners taken near Bouleaux Wood said that Sugar cane alley essay.

Repairs to damage caused by German artillery-fire diverted effort and shelter built for fresh divisions being assembled behind the front, communications improved and new battery positions and headquarters erected, new supply dumps created, water supplies increased and carrying services organised into the ground due to be captured.

Buckland, had labour and engineer stores for road and track building and repair brought forward, in preference to work on the Fourth Army Sugar cane alley essay Sir Henry Rawlinson rear area, which was helped by new railheads at Albert and Fricourt.

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A broad-gauge line had been pushed up to Maricourt by 10 September and a metre-gauge track was almost as far as Montauban. Rawlinson wanted as much artillery as possible moved forward before the attack to avoid moves once the attack began and batteries to move forward first were given portable bridges.

XIV Corps had pounder guns and 64 4. XV Corps had pounders, seventy-two 4. In the Reserve Army, the Canadian Corps had three heavy groups and the 3rd Canadian Division forming the defensive flank, was given six field artillery brigades, with two in corps reserve for contingencies.

It had also been found that corps headquarters had become aware of the situation from contact-patrol aircrew reports, while brigade headquarters were ignorant of events and arrangements for the swift transmission of information forwards were made.

Sugar cane alley essay

The signalling system for a larger number of contact-patrol aircraft was established and sites for new signal stations in ground to be attacked were chosen beforehand. If German defences collapsed it was considered impossible to lay cables quickly and that only one telegraph from brigade, to division to corps could reasonably be expected.

Relays of runners, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists were to be used as a supplement, with messenger-pigeons to be used in an emergency. Wireless stations were attached to infantry brigades but transmission was slow, uncertain, caused interference with other transmitters and was open to German eavesdropping.

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These were ambitious objectives and Haig required preparations to be made for the exploitation of the infantry attack by an advance of the cavalry, should the German defence collapse.

Rawlinson favoured a cautious operation with methodical attacks on the German defensive positions and set the German Switch line and its connecting defences in front of Martinpuich as the first objective Green Line. The III Corps on left of the Fourth Army was to link with the right flank of the Reserve Armywhich at first was to conduct subsidiary operations but if the Fourth Army attack bogged down, the main effort might be transferred to the Reserve Army, to capture Thiepval and take up winter positions.

The Canadian infantry were to advance after the preliminary bombardment straight on to the objective, a continuation of the Green Line.

The II Corps on the left flank was to exploit chances to take ground, especially to the south of Thiepval, where cloud gas was to be released and the 49th Division was to simulate an attack with a smoke screen.

North of the Ancre, V Corps was to discharge smoke and raid two places. The Red Line was to be reached before noon, allowing for eight hours of daylight for the exploitation.

Two cavalry divisions were swiftly to pass between Morval and Gueudecourt and after an all-arms force had established a defensive flank from Sailly-Saillisel to Bapaume, the rest of the Fourth Army could attack northwards and roll up the German defences.

An exploitation force like that of 1 July was not assembled but the Cavalry Corps objective was high ground between Rocquigny and Bapaume and the German artillery areas from Le Sars to Warlencourt and Thilloy. Railway lines that could be used to carry reinforcements, divisional and corps headquarters were to be attacked by cavalry.

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In an advance by all arms, priority would go to artillery moving forward to support the infantry attacks. When the Red Line was reached, the quick movement forward of the cavalry would take precedence, until the cavalry divisions had passed through, when light wagons carrying food and ammunition for the infantry would take priority.

Movement of the cavalry needed strict control, lest a bottleneck develop and the re-building of roads and tracks was to commence as soon as the attack began, each division being given routes to work on. Hull was to form a defensive flank on the north-west slope of the Combles Ravine. The 6th Division Major-General C.

Ross had been held up by the Quadrilateral 0. Three tanks were to attack the Quadrilateral and just before zero hour, three columns of three tanks each, were to attack on the front of the Guards Division. Ground was gained north of Le Priez Farm but no progress was made at Rancourt.

Preparations were made for a Franco-British attack on 21 September, which was postponed until 25 September, by supply difficulties and rain.Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "Screening of Sugar Cane Alley and Eve's Bayou" with a personal 20% discount. GRAB THE BEST PAPER Extract of sample Screening of Sugar Cane Alley and Eve's Bayou.

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Sugar Cane Alley (French title: La Rue Cases-Nègres) is a film directed by Euzhan is set in Martinique in the s, where blacks working sugarcane fields were still treated harshly by the white ruling class.

It is based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Joseph Zobel of the same name, or, alternatively titled Black Shack Alley. Biggest Siterips, Pornstars and MDH Porn Archive. This site does not store any files on its server.

Sugar cane alley essay

We only index and link to content provided by other sites. A Compound Life Sugar Cane Alley was filmed during the summer of in Martinique a time after the abolishment of slavery.

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This film parallels a time in Southern Rhodesia where there was a compound system that controlled the mining workers just as the overseers in the cane fields controlled the cane workers.

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