The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

Not all of us who want these issues addressed are opponents of any form of plebiscite or postal survey. They also have bills of rights which accord some recognition to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Australia does not yet recognise same-sex marriages — not even those marriages recognised in their countries of origin.

The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

What it will do, is create a more expanded sense for what we hold as sacred and worthy of respect. America's deepest tradition is the protection and expansion of individual rights and freedoms with a goal of liberty and justice for all.

Today, the movement to overturn millennia of discrimination against gay people represents the next major expansion of individual rights and freedoms. Even as a straight man, I see this not just through the lens of fairness but as an essential part of the evolution of America.

While most commentators see Proposition 8 as a temporary setback in the context of an otherwise clear march towards equality, it does provide an appropriate moment to reflect upon why gay marriage is important not just for gay people but for all Americans.

At the core of the debate is the right of same-sex couples to marry and receive the full benefits and blessings accorded others under the law. Marriage is the most sacred contract sanctioned by our nation, consecrating the love between two beings and forging a legal partnership that also creates a stronger container for families.

As such, it is a key place where spiritual values meet secular values. This message creates a profoundly split social order and has insidious effects on the psychology of straight people as well. The suffering that comes from this form of apartheid is not as obvious as when we have separate drinking fountains for "white" and "colored.

The indirect effects of discrimination against gay people hurt everyone. For straight people, the lack of full sanction for gay relationships creates a more polarized social view of gender.

Children are particularly sensitive to what is socially approved and what is not. Boys raised in a homophobic culture learn to overemphasize masculine qualities, fear feminine qualities, and create more macho personas, as well as to fear being "loving" with their male friends.

The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

Girls are similarly affected in a negative way. As both learn to be less authentic to their true nature in an effort to fit social ideals, they create long-term psychological challenges for themselves. The pain of inauthenticity flares up in substance abuse, violence, sexual dysfunction, isolation, and divorce.

We all crave being loved for who we are. To the degree that we create an inauthentic facade, we never have the feeling of full loving acceptance.

Suicide rates have long been higher among homosexual teens and, by inference, we would expect that heterosexual teens with some same-sex attractions would also have lower self-esteem and higher suicide rates.

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It Is Not Marriage This is the most controversial post I have ever written in ten years of blogging.

A single suicide can have a devastating effect on dozens of other friends, families, and allies. One of my close friends from high school, who came out to me and a few others in college, was one of those suicide statistics and his sexual orientation certainly played a role in his eventual fate.

When we multiply negative self-esteem effects by millions, we realize how many social problems arise when homosexual feelings are defined as sinful or bad. The ban on same-sex marriage thus creates distortions in our children's development that have profound affects on our national health and happiness.

For example, since we have a primarily male power structure in America, a more macho social ideal for masculine behavior leads to an overemphasis on aggression, which creates more conflict and violence than may be necessary.

The costs to our society of our psychological gender imbalance may be enormous. The legalization of gay marriage will not, by itself, alleviate all our society's imbalances. What it will do, though, is create a more expanded sense for what we hold as sacred and worthy of respect.

That will trickle down, creating more permission for every child to be authentic to themselves and, in the end, forge a society with a healthier balance of masculine and feminine qualities, less conflict, and more overall happiness.

This will not only have benefits for gay citizens but literally for all Americans. For religious Christians who tend to be more strongly oriented to preserving the social order, legalizing same-sex marriage will ultimately allow an expansion of their heart.Jun 27,  · Supporters of same-sex marriage gathered outside the Supreme Court on Friday.

Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times. Justice Kennedy rooted the ruling in a fundamental right to marriage.

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[Original question asked about gay marriage”] My own particular frustration with this discussion is that it is not about gay marriage: it is about same-sex marriage. Many marriages of two people, one a biological and legal man and the other a biological and legal woman, have involved two gay people who were trying to hide from society.

"Debating Same-Sex Marriage is an important book that lays bare the philosophical arguments for and against the legalization of same-sex marriage.".

A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage and Constitutional Law A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage and Constitutional Law Martha Nussbaum ▪ Summer (Ted Eytan / Flickr).

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Marriage is both ubiquitous and central. Why is same-sex marriage important? The Equality Network is strongly of the opinion that the law should allow same-sex marriages, and, more generally, that marriage should be offered civil partnership with the same legal effects, that would readily be seen as unacceptable racist discrimination.

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online. Introduction. Bermuda is a parliamentary representative democratic dependency.

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