Us senate vs house representative

Senators hold office for 6 years, but the terms are staggered to allow about a third of the seats to be up for election every other year. This is to avoid having two candidates from the same state win both seats in the same general election. A senator is bound by oath to abide by the constitution of the US and his state when formulating or updating laws that will help preserve freedom, provide education, maintain key infrastructures, allocate for welfare, and promote and build a fair and sound taxation system. A truly effective senator is one who is constantly in touch with his constituents.

Us senate vs house representative

House of Representatives are in the unusual position of having a vital say in their salaries. Representatives, by law, receive a cost-of-living raise each year, but they have the option of voting to decline the raises as a group.

The last time Congress took the increase wasthe Congressional Research Service reports. The cost-of-living adjustment is based on a formula that takes into account wages in the private sector. Representatives' Salary The salary for most members of the U.

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This annual wage is the same for members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Salaries are higher for those in leadership roles. Outside Income Representatives may not have an outside earned income that is more than 15 percent of their basic pay.

Outside earned income includes any compensation for personal services that the representative has done. In addition, Representatives are limited in the ways that they can earn outside income.

For instance, they cannot be employed with any entity nor can they lend their names to an entity, such as through an endorsement. They also cannot serve on any boards of directors. They can teach, but only if they receive permission from the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.

Finally, they cannot accept honoraria. Health Benefits Members of the U. House of Representatives must purchase health care from the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange.

Us senate vs house representative

They have a choice of 57 gold plans from four insurers, and the government pays approximately 75 percent of the premium. The representatives pay the remainder, but they are not eligible for federal tax credits that decrease the amount paid.

House of Representatives can acquire life insurance through the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program, the amount of cover for which is determined by a formula based on the cover chosen.

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Representatives also can acquire three forms of optional coverage. In addition, House members have access to retirement programs through the Federal Employees Retirement System.

These include the Basic Benefit Plan, which leads to monthly annuities payments upon retirement, and the Thrift Savings Plan, which is an investment account similar to k plan.

Participants contribute to both plans and receive contributions from the federal government.

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Members also participate in the Social Security system.How to Address a Member of State Legislature: Senator, Representative, Delegate, Assemblyman, or Assemblywoman MEMBER OF A STATE SENATE State senators use Senator as an honorific: addressed in writing and orally as Senator (name).State senators are addressed as State Senator (name) or Mr./Ms.

(name) in Washington, DC, especially in the presence of United States Senators. Nov 08,  · Originally Answered: What is the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate? The Senate is the upper body of the United States Congress, consisting of legislators.

It is comprised of two representatives from each state, regardless of population. The easiest way to do so is to type in your zip code under "Find Your Representative" at will narrow down your options but you may need to refine it based on your physical address because zip codes and Congressional districts do not coincide.

Congress is made of two houses; the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although they have many differences, they share some similarities too. There are many differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Vice President of the United States is the leader in the Senate.

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